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14th Seeon Conference & 4th Summer School 2022

Program 4th Summer School on Microbiome in Health and Disease

Program 14th Seeon Conference

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Our plan is to meet in Seeon in person, which is essential for networking and fruitful exchange, especially among young scientists. That being said, safety is of course important to us! We will follow all precautions as imposed by the German government.

We currently plan this as a 2G+ event, including daily testing (test will be provided). The exact restrictions and precautions will be evaluated nearer to the event and we will inform you in due time.

Board and lodging are included. Nevertheless, reduced student fee includes sharing a double room (potential room partners may be chosen). If the pandemic situation does not allow double rooms, we reserve the right to cancel registrations. Single rooms would then be provided in order of registration date.

Vorstand (2019-2021)


Prof. Dr. Thomas Clavel
Institut für Med. Mikrobiologie
RWTH Aachen
Pauwelsstraße 30
52074 Aachen
E-Mail: tclavel@ukaachen.de

Stellvertretender Vorsitzender:

Prof. Dr. Till Strowig
Helmholtz-Zentrum für
Infektionsforschung GmbH
Inhoffenstraße 7
38124 Braunschweig
E-Mail: till.strowig@helmholtz-hzi.de


Prof. Dr. Maria Vehreschild
Medizinische Klinik 2
Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt
Theodor-Stern-Kai 7
60590 Frankfurt am Main
E-Mail: maria.vehreschild@kgu.de

Aktivitäten der Fachgruppe:


Übersicht der Aktivitäten der Fachgruppe: FG Microbiota 2021/2022

Abstractbände der Seeon Fachsymposien

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