Consensus Statement, “Scientists’ warning to humanity: microorganisms and climate change”

The Consensus Statement has already received 57,000 views and has the highest altmetric score (by far) for any of the more than 2000 Nature Reviews Microbiology articles – it is being well received by scientists and the public media.

To help to motivate effective solutions to the global problems caused by climate change, we need to demonstrate strong international support and cooperation.

The signatory site lists 15 international organizations that endorse the Consensus Statement https://www.babs.unsw.edu.au/research/microbiologists-warning-humanity.

It is critically important that support from German organizations is included.

Abstract: In the Anthropocene, in which we now live, climate change is impacting most life on Earth. Microorganisms support the existence of all higher trophic life forms. To understand how humans and other life forms on Earth (including those we are yet to discover) can withstand anthropogenic climate change, it is vital to incorporate knowledge of the microbial ‘unseen majority’. We must learn not just how microorganisms affect climate change (including production and consumption of greenhouse gases) but also how they will be affected by climate change and other human activities. This Consensus Statement documents the central role and global importance of microorganisms in climate change biology. It also puts humanity on notice that the impact of climate change will depend heavily on responses of microorganisms, which are essential for achieving an environmentally sustainable future.

Further information: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41579-019-0222-5